Primary Care Doctor in Tampa, Florida: ZenLife MD


What Does Primary Care Consist Of?

Primary care is your first line of healthcare defense against serious illnesses and diseases. Rather than waiting for serious symptoms to develop before going to a specialized doctor, you can maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle by regularly checking up with your primary care doctor to manage the state of your health and wellbeing.

Your primary care doctor is someone who should know your health history, your wellness goals, and any lifestyle habits that could benefit or negatively affect your overall health. They can recommend changes to your lifestyle to prevent the onset of diseases, take care of minor injuries, and provide integrated care for cases that don’t need to be escalated to specialists.

ZenLife MD offers accessible and affordable primary care services for patients of all ages. Our doctor has the experience and knowledge base to treat patients of all ages and provide comfortable and professional care you can rely on. Our doctor offers a variety of primary care services in our clinic in Tampa.


Visit our primary care doctor to manage your health and wellness through various treatments, practices, and other integrated ways to live your best.

Annual Visit

It’s recommended that you visit your primary care provider at least once a year. This is to help keep them updated with any conditions or lifestyle practices you may have that can put you at risk for developing certain diseases. An annual visit can help prevent the onset of diseases before you even start to show symptoms.

Sick Visits

For those with pre-existing conditions or certain symptoms, you can visit your primary care doctor. We can provide you with effective treatment, help you manage your symptoms, or refer you to the right specialist.

Palliative Care

Patients living with terminal illnesses and serious diseases need palliative care to get pain and symptom relief to improve their quality of life. We offer specialized medical care to help with your end-of-life-care and pain management to help you live at your best.

Concierge Medicine

For patients who need the complete and full concierge package, we are more than happy to provide everything you need. Our concierge packages allow for flexible and customized treatment options depending on the patient’s age.

Wound Care

Skip the high costs of the emergency room and have your primary care provider manage your wounds. This can range from taking care of your stitches and removing them, preventing potential wound infections, and making sure your wounds are healing at the right rate.

School Physicals

Most schools require children to undergo school physical exams to ensure they’re in good health and safe to attend school and participate in sports and other activities. We can take record of your child’s vaccinations, health conditions, and other reports that can help track their health and wellness.

Smoking Cessation

Reduce the risk of lung cancer, heart diseases, and many other serious illnesses caused by smoking. Our primary care doctor can develop a custom smoking cessation plan to help you effectively kick your bad habit and build a healthier lifestyle.

Nutrition and Weight Loss

Avoid diets and questionable weight loss methods and lose weight the right way: through nutritional but effective diets combined with a healthy weight loss regimen. Our primary care doctor can develop a nutrition plan and weight loss program designed for your body and pre-existing conditions.


Our primary care doctor can also provide several procedures to maintain your health and wellness.

Skin Tag Removal

Even the smallest and most minor issues like skin tags should be removed by a medical provider. DIY skin tag removal can lead to infection or heavy bleeding that will require emergency care, so let your primary care doctor have it removed in a quick procedure.

Ear Wax Removal

DIY ear wax removal can cause injury to your outer and middle ear if done incorrectly. For a safe and thorough cleaning, your primary care provider can conduct ear wax every six months.

Lab Workups

Undergo routine lab tests to help detect signs of nutrient deficiencies, irregularities, or any areas you can work on to improve your health. Our clinic offers laboratory services for fast, convenient, and accurate results.

ZenLife MD Is Your Accessible Partner in Health Care and Wellness

At ZenLife MD, we believe that developing a healthy lifestyle is key to better physical and mental health. Rather than looking at a patient’s condition as a “sick-care” state of mind, we offer an alternative health care state of mind and help our patients achieve the health and wellness they need to live their best lives.

Our primary care doctors can help you maintain your health and wellness through regular thorough check-ups. Rather than waiting for a disease to develop and take its toll on your body, our primary care service can keep you at your best and help you live a full life that prevents the risk of serious illnesses.