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Develop a Healthy Mind and Body Through Custom Wellness Programs

Look and feel your best, inside and out. At ZenLife MD, we offer holistic treatments and services that enhance your health and wellness for your mind and body. Because when you lead a healthy lifestyle, it reflects on your beauty and well-being. Our facility in Tampa, Florida, together with our team of top-notch providers, can ensure you get the best service you need to reach your beauty, health, and wellness goals.

ZenLife MD: Improve Your Health and Wellness Through Expert Health Care and Integrated Treatment Plans

At ZenLife MD, we combine the best treatments and services in the industry to improve both your mind and body. By using effective methods to take care of your overall health and wellness needs, you can develop a body that looks beautiful and feels at its best. That’s why we’re committed to providing custom treatment plans that focus on developing a lifestyle of wellness and care.

Our med spa in Tampa, Florida is headed by Dr. Sarah Kareem. An experienced internist skilled in healthcare management, healthcare, internal medicine, geriatric medicine, aesthetic medicine, and regenerative medicine, she understands the medical practices needed to provide exceptional primary medical care and other wellness services like obesity medicine, functional medicine, and more.

Dr. Kareem also has a technical background in non-surgical beauty and wellness treatments that tackles both the beauty and wellness of the body. A strong believer in holistic treatments, her unique take on med spa services means you get a well-rounded approach to a healthy mind, body, and soul.

  • World Class Service – Our patients receive treatment from Dr. Kareem and her team of experienced providers that can help you achieve your beauty, health, and wellness goals. Our clients deserve the best treatment that translates to inner and outer beauty enhancements.
  • Customized Treatments – Everyone’s bodies are different, and we want to make sure every treatment plan is effective and provides lasting, transformative results. Our treatments are customized to your needs, goals, and what you hope to achieve from our holistic med spa.
  • Top Patient Satisfaction – Our patients’ wellness and safety is our top priority. With initial consultations, state-of-the-art facilities, and the latest practices in treatments, we can ensure our clients leave satisfied of our aesthetic and wellness treatments.
  • Trained and Caring Team – Everyone in our team has years of experience providing wellness treatments, and aesthetic procedures. Rest assured, you’re working with professionals with a history of successful treatments.

Transform Your Body With Our Wellness Services

At ZenLife MD, we’re proud to offer residents in Tampa, Florida the following treatments that can give them the first step towards a healthier mind and body:

  • IV Therapy – Infuse the vitamins your body needs to keep it running at its best.
  • PRP Joint Injections – Restore joint health by promoting healthier tissue regeneration.
  • Obesity Medicine – Reach your weight loss goals the healthy way with a custom weight loss program.
  • Holistic Nutrition – Ensure your body is getting the nutrients it needs from a healthy well-balanced diet.
  • Functional Medicine – Treat the root cause of your chronic illnesses to manage your condition.
  • Aesthetic Treatments – Live your best life when you have the confidence to look your best.
    • Neuromodulators – Freeze your facial muscles and reduce the appearance of dynamic wrinkles. 
    • Dermal Fillers – Restore facial volume and restructure your facial appearance without the need for invasive cosmetic surgery. 
    • Radiofrequency Microneedling – Stimulate healthy skin cell production by triggering your body’s natural healing process. 
    • PDO Thread Lifts – Minimize the signs of aging by lifting sagging skin and rejuvenating your appearance. 
    • PRP Hair Restoration – Promote healthy hair growth by rejuvenating your hair follicles. 
    • Mesotherapy – Improve your body’s health from the inside to enhance your skin’s appearance.

FAQs About Our Med Spa Services at ZenLife MD

Q: What are the rates for your services?

A: Our services are priced according to your treatment plan. Factors include the injections used, the severity of your condition, and how much time and other resources are needed to help you achieve your goals. To get a more accurate quote, schedule a free consultation to discuss your potential treatment plan.

Q: What kind of practices does your med spa use?

A: We provide well-rounded multidisciplinary treatments that are based on science, research, and the latest industry practices. While we use modern medicine, we also use integrative models that include holistic, conventional, and naturopathic methods. More than just treating your body, we treat your mind, body, and soul to shift your mindset to help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Q: How will you create your treatment plan for me?

A: Before starting any treatment, our patients sit down and undergo an initial consultation with Dr. Kareem. You can discuss your health, wellness, and beauty goals and what you want to achieve from our med spa. From there, Dr. Kareem can recommend the right treatments based on your health condition, goals, and preferences.

Transformative Treatment in Our Exceptional Med Spa

Let us provide you with outstanding treatment to improve your beauty, wellness, and health. At ZenLife MD, we can help you achieve the appearance you want while maintaining your overall well being. Schedule your initial consultation today to get started in building a new you.

Our Beauty And Body Services

ZenLife MD offers patients the most effective and popular treatments on the market today. We provide a level of care and treatment unmatched in our area, with the latest techniques and technologies to ensure you experience the best versions of these treatments.

IV Therapy


PDO Threads

PRP Hair Restoration


Sculptra Treatments

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