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Minimally Invasive Treatment For Filling In Wrinkles, Lines, And Folds With ZenLife MD

At ZenLifeMD, health and beauty go hand in hand with every treatment we administer. We strongly believe in taking a proactive approach to improve your quality of life, encouraging holistic improvements that take your wellness into consideration. Whether it’s a medical or cosmetic concern, we make sure you are taken care of.

Why choose us?


World Class Service: Our experience with health, beauty, and wellness treatments span several years and thousands of patients, helping them with a variety of medical and cosmetic conditions. This allows us in turn to guarantee you service that always answers your needs.


Personalized Treatment Plans: We always work closely with our patients in creating a personalized treatment plan that best addresses their concerns. Every person’s experience with their medical or cosmetic condition is different, and we always take those into account for better treatment.


Top Patient Satisfaction: We believe in delivering reliable and efficient results for our patients, a standard that we uphold no matter their concerns. By delivering the best results, we’re able to keep our patients happy and become reliable partners to reach their beauty goals.


Experienced And Caring Team: Aside from being skilled with treatments, our staff also works closely with you to make sure that you have a great experience during your time with us. We actively engage and communicate with our patients, making sure that all their concerns are met promptly.

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What Is Dermal Filler?

Dermal fillers are injectables that can be used on your body to help rejuvenate the skin. While their exact mechanism of action differs depending on their primary ingredient, all dermal fillers help restore volume to the skin in some way. A non-invasive treatment, they’ve become the preferred option of many patients who want to manage issues like sagging skin, severe to moderate wrinkles and folds, and other signs of aging.

They’re most commonly applied to:

  • checkCheeks
  • checkLips
  • checkAround the eyebrows
  • checkOn the jaw and around the jawline
  • checkAround the nose (nasolabial folds)
  • checkAreas around the mouth
  • checkInjuries that need scar removal
  • checkOther areas that need soft tissue

Since these treatments don’t require incisions or any form of surgery, ZenLife MD can easily administer them to patients without any significant downtime or severe side effects involved. With our understanding of our patient’s anatomy and our experience with using dermal fillers as a whole, we can ensure that your treatment will be safe, effective, and offer long-term results.

What Are The Different Types Of Dermal Filler?

Dermal fillers have advanced rapidly since their introduction to the market, especially among American adults. Now, every person has a lot of choices in what kind of dermal filler they can use for skin rejuvenation. These fillers can be categorized by their primary ingredients and how they work.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

HA Fillers are one of the most common filler types you can choose from, and they’re effective at helping fill in lines, moisturize the skin, and rejuvenate skin tissue and connective tissue. Normally produced by the skin, these fillers have enjoyed plenty of popularity with old and young patients alike.

Calcium Hydroxylapatite Fillers

These fillers use a substance that’s naturally found in your bones to fill in moderate to severe lines in your face. It’s been a trusted product for reconstructive and dental work since it uses no animal products in its formula. As a result, they’re one of the safest fillers to use with minimal side effects.

Polylactic Acid Fillers

Polylactic acid fillers differ from other dermal fillers in that they don’t actually inject a filler material into your skin – rather, they boost the compounds in your body that help with skin repair and regrowth. Also known as collagen stimulators, these fillers have a long safety record and provide long-term results.

Polyalkylimide Fillers

Using a gel base to provide a place for new skin to grow, polyalkylimide fillers can provide plenty of volume to the injected area with a single injection. Over time, your body grows around the gel layer, which provides additional structural support to your skin long-term.

Polymethyl-methacrylate microspheres (PMMA)

PMMA fillers are a semi-permanent injectable that can be used to fine-tune the addition of volume and structural support to the skin. This filler requires more skill to administer and more time to work, but can potentially offer some of the best results in the hands of an experienced provider.

Fat Grafting

In this process, a patient’s excess body fat is extracted from one area of their body and moved to another. While this process does put your body under more strain compared to using the synthetic compounds of other dermal fillers, it’s also one of the longest-lasting dermal fillers you can get.

Which One Is The Best For You?

With the different types of dermal filler that you can choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed if you’re new to this type of treatment. If you find an experienced provider, they’ll be able to give you a more comprehensive overview of what type of filler works best for you. But in the meantime, you can ask yourself these questions:

  • checkHow long do I want my fillers to last?
  • checkHow comfortable am I with needing future re-application of dermal filler?
  • checkDo I have a pre-existing condition that can make me allergic to some filler ingredients?
  • checkHow severe are the lines and folds that I want to treat?
  • checkCan my provider offer an alternative in case my initial choice doesn't work for me?
  • checkAre there any other concerns with my skin that can interfere with how my chosen filler will work?

These questions can be all answered by an expert provider, who will guide you through the process of getting dermal filler and making sure you get the best results.



FAQs About Dermal Filler Injections

Q: Are the results of dermal filler permanent?

A: Except for fat grafting, no dermal fillers last forever. However, there are some specific brands like Sculptra or Bellafill that can stay on for years before needing a touch-up. It’s important to keep in mind that this time can vary from patient to patient – consult your provider for more details.

Q: What’s the outlook like for people who get a dermal filler injection?

A: Patients who get dermal filler report generally high satisfaction and approval of their results, especially for those who took them as an alternative for plastic surgery. With consistent re-application and touch-ups, dermal filler patients can enjoy the benefits of their treatment for a long time.

Q: Can I use dermal filler with other rejuvenation treatments?

A: Because most types of dermal filler are fully biocompatible with the body, they can be used with other skin rejuvenation treatments like Botox injections or microneedling. Make sure to check with your providers about the right time to go through these treatments to avoid adverse effects or complications.

Q: Does the brand of dermal filler matter?

A: Different brands can use the same ingredient as their base, like Juvederm and Restylane. Brand differences really only matter if you’re looking for a specific type of effect from your dermal filler, or if the brand has a formulation that works best for your particular aesthetic concern. Ask your provider for more details.



Trust ZenLife MD For Your Dermal Filler Treatments To Help Manage The Signs Of Aging

ZenLife MD knows the best ways to use dermal filler to help you reach your beauty goals – and we’re committed to providing you with reliable and long-term results. Every person can always benefit from the effects of dermal filler, and we’re always happy to provide our expertise and our services to help our patients get the outcomes they want. Combined with our access to different types of dermal filler with the understanding of how they work, you’ll be well on your way to a better you in no time.

If you want to learn more about how dermal fillers work or are looking for a provider that can administer them to you, contact ZenLife MD today for your initial consultation. We’re always ready to provide you with the tools and treatments to get ahead in your beauty and wellness journey.

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