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At ZenLife MD, we’re committed to a holistic outlook on health and beauty when it comes to our patients. For us, few things are more important than developing a comprehensive treatment to improve your quality of life, whether that’s getting a healthier lifestyle or managing the signs of aging.

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World Class Service: As aesthetic, health, and wellness experts, we have the experience and the facilities necessary to get you the results that you want to see. Our patients know that they can always expect nothing but the best from us.
Personalized Treatment Plans: Holistic improvements mean that your treatment should always address your specific needs, not just your concern. We tailor our therapies to your personal circumstance to ensure the best results.
Top Patient Satisfaction: We believe that customer experience plays a critical role in the efficacy of our services – so not only do we make sure that your time with us is worth it but enjoyable as well.
Experienced And Caring Team: Our staff is well-trained to assist you with whatever medical or cosmetic concern you may have. We actively engage with our clients, ensuring that they never feel like they’re alone during their treatments.

What Is Dysport?

Dysport injections fall under the category of botulinum toxin treatments, which are injectable therapies that are administered directly to a muscle group. They work by blocking the neurotransmitters in your muscles, which prevent muscle contraction and muscle movement long-term. Botulinum toxin treatments are known by many brands, as there’s more than one type of botulinum toxin treatment used for medical and cosmetic applications.

With careful and consistent application to your skin, ZenLife MD can help manage even the most severe of glabellar lines and wrinkles without putting too much strain on your body. We always work closely with our patients during their treatment, not only to ensure their safety but to also monitor the efficacy of their overall treatment.

Why Choose Dysport For Your Glabellar Or Forehead Lines?

Dysport is not the only solution you can get for treating glabellar or forehead lines – it’s not even the only type of botulinum toxin product that you can use! However, there are plenty of reasons why Dysport has consistently made itself a preference for people looking for treatment for facial lines and wrinkles.

Specifically formulated for glabellar lines and forehead lines

Dysport uses a different type of active ingredient for its botulinum toxin, specifically abobotulinumtoxin A. This type of toxin works best with severe to deep lines and wrinkles, which often characterize most cases of glabellar and forehead lines.

A non-invasive procedure

Unlike plastic surgery or liposuction, all you need is a simple injection to fully enjoy the benefits of Dysport. No cuts, no downtime, just an afternoon between you and your provider.

Proven safety standards

Dysport has the full approval of the US Food And Drug Administration, as it’s passed all the required safety standards for cosmetic use. It also has FDA approval for use on other medical conditions, like cervical dystonia or limb spasticity.

Suitable for short and long-term improvements

Dysport starts working the moment it’s injected into your skin, with visible results within two days of your treatment. However, it’s also a procedure that you should repeat over time if you want to ensure your results stick around.

Easy for patients and providers alike

All you need is a few hours and some injections to enjoy the benefits of Dysport treatment. There’s very little that you need to prepare for the injection, and even less that you need to do after it’s done.

Applicable for almost any user of cosmetic injectables

Dysport can also work with other facial injectables such as dermal filler without interfering with their effects. This allows it to be used as a supporting cosmetic treatment to other injectables, as well as conventional methods of wrinkle and line removal.

Are There Any Side Effects To Using Dysport?

Overall, Dysport treatments have passed the safety standards for regular use in adults, as long as they’re a viable candidate for the procedure. Most clinical trials also back up the efficacy and safety of Dysport treatments, especially if administered by an experienced provider.

However, that isn’t to say that the process is entirely smooth. Like many cosmetic treatments, Dysport injections can have mild to moderate side effects, which patients need to consider before undergoing treatment. These include (but are not limited to):

Increased swelling in the injection site: Usually caused by the entry of the needle beneath the layers of your skin. A common side effect that goes away soon after treatment.
Tenderness or strange sensations in the muscles: Common with first-time Dysport users, this feeling fades the more your body gets used to the levels of toxin in your system.
Skin that appears loose or slack: An uncommon side effect where the toxin has moved to an adjacent muscle group. Almost unheard of if you find the right provider.
Mild bruising, skin discoloration, or bleeding: Another side effect caused by the entry of the injection beneath the skin. These should resolve a few days to a week after the procedure.
Allergic reactions like rashes after the injection: A somewhat rare side effect that indicates that your body has resistance, allergies, or other adverse reactions to botulinum toxin or Dysport.
Fortunately, most of these side effects are mild and should resolve within the very day of the treatment or after a few days of bed rest. More serious complications from Dysport treatments are possible, but if you’ve found an experienced provider, you’re unlikely to experience any of these side effects.

Why Choosing The Right Provider Is Crucial

While Dysport is undoubtedly safe and effective for both medical and cosmetic applications, the reason why it’s so important to find a trained and experienced provider is that it’s the best way for you to get the most out of your treatment.

Efficacy: An experienced provider will make sure that your results will be nothing less than what you wanted from your treatment, and will work closely with you to make that happen.
Safety: Experienced providers will always ensure that your safety is equally prioritized alongside the results of your Dysport treatment. In the event of any complication, they’ll also be well-equipped to handle any concerns you may have.
Long-term results: Finding a provider that can administer your Dysport treatments long-term ensures that your results will last, and they can make adjustments based on how your body reacts to Dysport injections over time.

Long-Term And Preventative Dysport Use

Given that glabellar lines are an issue that everyone will develop someday, is there some merit in using Dysport for preventative treatments? While Botox injections are more commonly used with this in mind, medical studies and clinical trials have concluded that Dysport can also be used as a preventative treatment, especially with the administration of an experienced injector.

Preventative Dysport treatment is possible, but only if your provider recommends it. It requires a lot of training and experience to be able to use Dysport preventively, as it relies on predicting exactly how your forehead lines and glabellar lines will develop. At times, this kind of treatment can be more of an art than science.

But if you find the right provider, they’ll be able to help you through the process with no trouble at all – and you can continue to live the rest of your days worry-free and wrinkle-free.

Medical Applications Of Dysport Injections

While it’s best known as a method of helping manage severe lines and wrinkles, Dysport has medical applications as well. These include:

Cervical dystonia (spasmodic torticollis)

By relaxing the neck muscles that cause the involuntary twisting and turning of your head, Dysport treatments can stabilize your head and prevent any possible damage to the delicate areas around your neck and spine.

Upper and lower limb spasticity

Relaxing the muscle groups involved in involuntary spasms can also keep your limbs in the right position without the need for orthopedic solutions like braces or splints, though these can still be used with the advice of your doctor.

FAQs About Dysport Injections

Q: Can I have Dysport treatments done at home?

A: While Dysport treatment is classified as a non-invasive procedure that’s limited to one area, you should always have your injections done by a trained and experienced injector. Because the glabella is so close to crucial organs like the eyes or areas like the sinus system, any inexperienced attempt at injecting Dysport injections is far more likely to end up with adverse side effects or serious medical complications.

Q: What’s the outlook like for people who get Dysport treatments?

A: Dysport is a cosmetic procedure that has enjoyed a high rate of success, patient satisfaction, and safety in young adults and older adults alike. With the oversight of an experienced injector, you’re highly unlikely to encounter any side effects, especially for long-term treatment plans. Just remember to report back for your repeat treatments, and your results should remain satisfactory.

Q: What happens if you miss a Dysport treatment?

A: Your wrinkles won’t appear back overnight if you miss a day with your Dysport injections – at most, you have a few days to a week before your body starts moving the relaxed muscles again. We highly encourage you to stick to your agreed-upon Dysport injection schedule to prevent any complications from happening.



Visit ZenLife MD For Effective And Safe Dysport Injections For Glabellar Lines

Dysport injections are a fairly simple yet effective cosmetic treatment that can help take years off your face – but only if it’s administered correctly and in the right way. ZenLife MD has a long history of helping our patients through Dysport treatments, ensuring that they get the results that they want without having to compromise on their safety and comfort. Our access to the latest innovations in the healthcare and beauty industry allows us to provide you with world-class service with each visit, and our attention to your experience will always ensure that you’ll find your treatments enjoyable as well as effective.

If you’re curious about how Dysport injections can help manage the signs of aging for you, contact ZenLife MD today for your initial consultation. We’re always happy and willing to help those who want to get started or are going through their journey to become the best version of themselves.

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