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ZenLife MD has been a pioneer in the cosmetic industry for several years. With our team of experts in dermatology and highly-trained staff, you’re sure to leave our clinic satisfied with our high-quality and long-lasting treatments and services. Whether it’s simply defining your cheekbones with some fillers or a more intense filler facelift, we can assure our patients that our treatments are effective and safe. With our advanced tools and techniques, each procedure is sure to be an enjoyable experience with only minimal downtime and recovery. Get the best cheek fillers with ZenLife MD now.

ZenLife MD Cheek Filler Procedure: From Consultation to Recovery

ZenLife MD Cheek Filler Procedure: From Consultation to Recovery

Do’s and Don’ts For Before Your Treatment

During your consultation, the ZenLife MD dermatologist will give you a list of do’s and don’ts to prepare for your cheek filler injections in a couple of weeks. This could include several things depending on the state of your skin and what you hope to achieve with your cheek filler treatment. However, there are some basic things that every dermatologist or esthetician will require you to adhere to before you come in for cheek filler.

The first thing is that you will have to avoid taking blood-thinning medication or any type of medication with blood-thinning properties. This is because blood thinning medication can interfere with the healing process of the treatment. If your body can’t perform proper blood clotting, there’s a chance for you to have internal bleeding after you get cheek fillers on your face. Additionally, it causes severe damage to your face as you won’t be able to heal from the injection sites properly and may result in a distorted look from the procedure.

During your consultation, you should inform our team if you’re on any type of blood-thinning medication. If you’re taking these medications for medical reasons, you may need to reconsider getting cheek fillers. Depending on the look you’re hoping to achieve, we can hopefully recommend an alternative treatment that will get you the results you want without compromising your health.

What To Expect

At ZenMed we want your cheek filler experience to be enjoyable and safe. To ensure this, before anything else, we always clean and disinfect the injection treatment site. This will help avoid possible bacterial infections after the treatment has been completed.

While cheek fillers as a treatment are relatively painless, the injections used may cause some discomfort to people. If you’re sensitive to needles, you can ask for a topical anesthetic to be applied. While you may still feel a bit of pressure when the cheek fillers are injected, the pain should be minimal.

If this is your first time getting cheek fillers, it’s also possible that a grid or placement points will be drawn onto your wash with a washable pen. This is to help guide the ZenLife MD doctors as to where the cheek fillers should be injected. Depending on the look you’re going for, the placements will differ.

Cheek Filler Treatment

With all the preparations completed, we can now apply cheek fillers to the area. Following the markings on your face that indicate where to inject, each session will most likely use around 1 to 3 ml of filler per cheek. Depending on the surface area of the treatment, you may need more or less filler to address your cosmetic concerns.

What To Do After Treatment

While cheek fillers are safe and have minimal recovery time, you may notice bruising and discoloration right after your treatment. This is completely normal, because after a day or 2, any bruising or discoloration should have started to fade or be completely gone.

Additionally, your doctor or esthetician will give you a post-treatment protocol to ensure you heal properly. The most important thing to note right after your treatment is to avoid sleeping on your face. This is to reduce the chances of adding pressure to your face and moving the cheek filler around before it has a chance to settle. You should also avoid touching your face for similar reasons within the first few days after treatment.

Along with unnecessary pressure, you should also avoid extreme temperatures being applied to your face. This means no high-impact exercises, saunas, or extremely hot showers for the first 48 hours. To avoid infections, use lukewarm water and a bar of mild soap to wash your face throughout the entire recovery process.

Why Get Cheek Filler With ZenLife MD

Cheek filler is a great cosmetic procedure that can help anyone achieve a non-surgical facelift or enhance their appearance to appear more youthful. They provide long-lasting results and can give anyone an added bit of confidence in their appearance. Here are some of the main benefits and reasons as to why you should get cheek fillers:

1) Customizable Injections

When it comes to cheek fillers, you can either get a hyaluronic acid-based injection or a collagen-based one. While collagen-based injections have been used for years, hyaluronic acid fillers have been also gaining traction recently. Depending on your skin condition, your doctor may choose one over the other. Both provide long-lasting results and will help you achieve your desired look.

2) Long-Lasting Results

While the length of time your cheek filler will last is dependent on your body’s metabolism, most cheek fillers can last around 6 months to 2 years. For people under the age of 25, you’re more likely to experience a faster deterioration of cheek fillers due to your body breaking down the filler quicker than normal. Once you’ve noticed the result of your treatment fading, you can come back for a touch-up injection to maintain your appearance.

3) Minimal Recovery and Downtime

Cheek fillers are a non-surgical treatment which is why you can recover quite quickly after the treatment. Aside from the aforementioned bruising and discoloration, most patients can actually return to work on the same day of their treatment. After 48 hours, most patients will be almost fully recovered. While this will differ from patient to patient, cheek fillers will virtually have no downtime.

FAQs About Cheek Fillers

Q: How long will a cheek filler treatment last?

A: Cheek fillers are a relatively short treatment that can be done under an hour. Depending on the surface area that needs to be treated it takes more or less time per patient. However, on average, cheek filler treatments last 20 to 30 minutes from start to finish. Post-treatment consultations for recovery instructions may add a few extra minutes to the entire appointment but not by much.

Q: How often can I get cheek fillers?

A: If done correctly cheek fillers should last you at least 6 months. However, many people have reported their cheek fillers to last up to 2 years. This means that there isn’t really a need to get cheek fillers too often. However, if you’re noticing that the results from your treatment are beginning to fade, you can get additional treatments 3 to 6 months after your first round of cheek filler injections.

Q: Are cheek fillers safe?

A: Cheek fillers are safe for the general population with some even having FDA approval. Depending on your consultation, you may choose one type of filler over another to avoid a reaction but most cheek fillers were designed to be non-irritating to most people. With cheek fillers being a non-surgical treatment, its risk of post-treatment complications is very minimal as well.

Q: Can you overdo cheek fillers?

A: Cheek fillers can help improve the look of sagging skin and remove wrinkles and fine lines. However, having too much injected into your cheeks could do more damage than good. Excessive amounts of cheek filler over the span of several years could cause severe damage to your skin and cause unnecessary sagging in the future. With too much filler, your natural skin will be under constant pressure and get stretched out. This will cause more wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging once you remove the fillers from your face. Using the doctor-recommended amount of fillers will ensure that you get the boost that you need without causing any permanent damage in the long run.

Q: Should you have your cheek fillers removed?

A: Cheek fillers will naturally dissolve slowly as your body will metabolize them slowly. This means that there’s no real need to physically have them removed by your dermatologist. However, if you’re unhappy with the results and don’t wish to wait 6 months for them to naturally disappear, you can have them safely removed. Like the application process, your doctor will need to inject a solution directly onto the area with cheek filler. Using a solution that causes filler to break down, you should see a rapid deterioration of the fillers in your face after the removal treatment. Depending on the type of filler, the removal solution may differ but you can expect your face to return to normal sooner rather than later.

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When it comes to facial cosmetic treatments like cheek fillers, you’ll want the best treatment possible to ensure you get the best results. With our team of highly-trained dermatologists and staff, ZenLife MD is sure to give you high-quality cheek fillers to help you achieve your dream look in a matter of days. Book a consultation and have your cheek filler treatment with ZenLife MD today.

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