Holistic Nutrition: A Healthy and Holistic Approach to Nutrition

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So, what exactly is Holistic Nutrition? The holistic nutrition philosophy states that one’s health is an expression of the complex interactions between the chemical and physical, mental and emotional, as well as environmental and spiritual aspects of one’s life and being. Simply put: when we look at your health holistically, we look at how every part of you works together as a whole.

Holistic nutrition uses food as a healing tool for your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. The holistic approach involves eating healthy, whole foods, which includes foods that are unrefined, unprocessed, organic, and locally-grown. Because holistic nutrition is individualized, the ideal plan varies from person to person. What, where, and when you eat is different depending on all the different factors about you. Using nutritional education, holistic nutrition professionals emphasize the building of health by approaching each person as an individual. We work with you in an empowering and cooperative manner to achieve your optimal health.

So What Does a Holistic Nutrition Professional Do?

The job of a holistic nutrition professional is to advise individuals and groups on how to improve their diet, lifestyle, and attitude to promote health. Their advice and support are founded on holistic and evidence-based principles. Above all else, holistic nutrition professionals are educators with the goal of empowering people to make optimal decisions about their daily health. What differentiates the holistic approach from other methods of health coaching is the emphasis on educating and empowering. We want you to understand the effect food will have on your body and inspire you to make good choices yourself.

What Can a Holistic Nutrition Professional Help You With?

Because holistic nutrition is focused on the whole person, food choice is just one tool of many in your lifestyle plan for health and wellness. We want you to look at the whole picture, and that means using many different strategies to better your own life. A professional can teach you about healthy eating, recommend meal plans, create an exercise program, suggest social activities, books, videos, and much more. Remember, the holistic approach is centered around the individual, so each wellness plan is going to be different in order to get the best results for you.

While holistic nutrition professionals often work with medical professionals, they do not diagnose disease or ailments. Their job is to change your lifestyle and keep you aware of the food you put in your body. The goal is to promote active lifestyles and teach healthy eating to make a difference long-term.

During a consultation, your holistic nutrition consultant will talk with you to get to you your eating habits, exercise, lifestyle, and mindset so that they can create a tailored program that will get you on the path to success. The goal of holistic nutrition is to use healthy, whole foods and mental strategies to kick bad habits aside and change your lifestyle to a healthy one.

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