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Do you dread making your next doctor’s appointment and cringe when pulling up to the clinic? At ZenLifeMD Health and Wellness in Tampa, Dr. Sarah Kareem will create an inviting atmosphere that will have you looking forward to your next visit. The time for improved health, wellness and beauty is now!

Dr. Sarah Kareem has more than 15 years of practicing medicine in diverse areas such as the United States, the Middle East and India. These changing work dynamics have allowed her to blend with multiple cultures and personalities setting her apart from other Doctors. She understands human interactions on a deep level and truly cares about each individual that walks through her doors. When she puts on her white coat every day, she is excited to create new relationships with her patients and improve their overall health. Dr. Sarah Kareem is passionate about learning new cultures, traveling, and getting to know her patients on a true level that will result in an ever-lasting relationship. She prides her clinics environment- when you step through the front door you will feel far from a Doctor’s office, and closer to home than ever before.

Not only will ZeniLfeMD Health and Wellness help you understand prevention and how to live an even better lifestyle, but they also offer a wide variety of aesthetics which Dr. Sarah Kareem is constantly striving to make advancements. She is eager to continuing her education every step of the way to provide high quality services to you and the community. So, no more postponing going to the Doctor and feeling that you are just another name on the schedule. Head to https://www.zenlifemd.com/ to learn more about the services offered and be confident with your health and wellness.