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Your journey to holistic beauty begins here. At ZenLife MD, we’ll help you achieve total skin and body rejuvenation by nurturing your health to bring out your naturally radiant glow and attain optimum wellness.

From aesthetic solutions to primary care services, our expert team and doctor can provide what you need to live a holistic lifestyle. Call us today for consultations and more information about our services. 

Expert Primary Care and Med Spa Services in New Tampa, FL  

Medical Spa in New Tampa, FL: Botox, Laser Hair Removal & More

New Tampa is one of the biggest neighborhoods within the city of Tampa, Florida. The once rural community has seen rapid development over the years, becoming home to a number of shopping centers, retail stores, and bars and restaurants. It also offers many opportunities for wellness and relaxation with numerous recreational parks and public golf courses. 

With ZenLife MD, residents in New Tampa can enjoy more opportunities for holistic living with our wellness services and aesthetic treatments. Our expert team can offer customized treatment plans to help you achieve optimal health and beauty. From primary care services to cosmetic and skin solutions, we’ve got your needs covered. 

Cosmetic Injectables and Other Skin Rejuvenation Treatments at ZenLife MD 

Wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin can inevitably appear on your face because of different factors like natural aging, loss of collagen, and sun damage. Our professional team believes that Botox and dermal filler injections are two of the best solutions for these common concerns. We also have other aesthetic procedures like microneedling and PDO thread lifts. 

Soften Your Facial Wrinkles With Botox Injections 

Restore your youthful appearance in a non-invasive way with Botox treatments. Our doctor can administer this cosmetic injection to relax the over-contracted muscles that causes dynamic wrinkles and fine lines on your skin. This injection is excellent at eliminating forehead lines, Crow’s feet, frown lines, and can even be used for a brow lift. 

Get Plump and Wrinkle-Free Skin With Dermal Fillers 

If you want to do more than erasing wrinkles, our doctor can use dermal fillers to help you get your desired results. We have a wide variety of dermal filler options that can be used for chin and jawline contouring, lip augmentation, and cheek enhancement. Filler injections are also amazing at replacing lost volume to smoothen visible wrinkles. 

Achieve A Natural Glow With Microneedling Facials 

Eliminate acne spots, scars, enlarged pores, dark marks, and other skin issues with microneedling. This cosmetic procedure is great for stimulating new collagen growth and produces new skin tissues to improve overall skin texture and tone.

Tighten Your Loose Skin With PDO Thread Lifts

If you’ve been wanting to get a facelift but you’re hesitant about a plastic surgery, our PDO thread lift procedure is for you. In this minimally invasive procedure, we insert dissolvable threads under the skin on the areas where you want to see a visible lift. Some of the common areas where we can perform this treatment are the eyebrows, chin, neck, lips, and forehead. 

Become A Happier, Healthier You With ZenLife MD Today

Give your whole body the full care and treatment it deserves. At ZenLife MD, our team has spent years helping countless patients achieve a healthier, happier, and more beautiful version, with a variety of beauty and wellness services designed to help individuals achieve their fullest wellness potential.

Our team believes in constructing customized treatment plans for all patients, to help them get the most out of their care with us. Let us help you start your journey to a better you; call us today for your consultation.

Achieve A Better and Healthier You With Our Primary Care and Wellness Services 

We also specialize in wellness treatments and primary care services to help you maintain optimal health. Schedule an appointment with our doctor so you can get an accurate diagnosis and treatment for your current condition. At ZenLife MD, here’s what you can expect with our primary care and wellness services: 

Disease Management, Acute Care, and Preventive Health Solutions 

We offer a variety of primary care options designed to help treat your specific health concerns. Our doctor is an experienced health care professional who can provide specialized palliative care, wound care, sick visits, and medical procedures like skin tag removal and knee joint injections. 

Holistic Nutrition and Weight Management 

It can be hard to lose weight on your own but with the right nutrition plan and weight loss strategy, you can achieve your target weight in no time. We offer medical consults and fitness consulting to help you shed those extra pounds healthily and efficiently. We can also provide Vitamin B12 shots to increase your energy and fat-burning abilities so you can lose more weight. 

PRP Therapy 

Platelet-rich plasma injections are the latest advancement in cosmetic and regenerative medicine. At ZenLife MD, we can use your own platelets to provide relief from joint pain, muscle strains, and other musculoskeletal conditions. We can also use PRP injections to encourage new hair growth in patients suffering from hair loss.  

What Makes Your Med Spa Experience in ZenLife MD Different 

  • Expert Consultations and Reliable Treatments - Our team is led by Dr. Sarah Kareem who is an experienced cosmetic and medical professional. She takes a whole-body approach in treating her patients and with her expertise in the best practices for skin rejuvenation and health care, you can be assured that you will get the best possible treatments.
  • Customized Aesthetic and Wellness Services - We understand that every patient has unique needs and concerns. Our doctor always performs a comprehensive diagnosis of your condition before recommending an appropriate cosmetic treatment or wellness program. 
  • High Patient Satisfaction - We always strive to provide the best aesthetic and wellness experience to all our patients. Our friendly team and doctor will accommodate your concerns and questions and make sure that you enjoy excellent care during every treatment visit. 

Top-Quality Med Spa Consultations and Services At ZenLife MD 

Here at ZenLife MD, we are committed to promoting a holistic wellness lifestyle so that you can achieve more than just flawless beauty but also attain a healthier version of yourself. Our doctor will always put your needs first and make sure that you get the results you want. 

Our medical spa is located in Tampa and we’re proud to serve clients in the area and those coming from nearby cities. Learn more about our services on our website or contact us today to schedule your consultation. 

Become A Happier, Healthier You With ZenLife MD Today

Give your whole body the full care and treatment it deserves. At ZenLife MD, our team has spent years helping countless patients achieve a healthier, happier, and more beautiful version, with a variety of beauty and wellness services designed to help individuals achieve their fullest wellness potential.

Our team believes in constructing customized treatment plans for all patients, to help them get the most out of their care with us. Let us help you start your journey to a better you; call us today for your consultation.


Wellness Services We Offer in New Tampa, FL

Feel and look better, inside and out, with our holistic wellness services that focus on healing you in more ways than one.

B12 Injections

At ZenLife MD, we understand that being healthy isn’t a simple matter of eating the right food and keeping yourself fit. Sometimes, there are pre-existing conditions that can prevent you from living a full and healthy life.

    B12 Injections Treatments in New Tampa, FL

    Food Allergy Testing

    Food allergies are normal and they can develop even in healthy adults who have thought that they have no sensitivities to any particular type of food. One study suggests that at least 48% of adults can have food allergies later on in their years. 

      Food Allergy Testing Treatments in New Tampa, FL

      Functional Medicine

      Many treatments these days focus more on the disease and less on the patient. But a newer, more holistic approach for dealing with chronic diseases known as functional medicine takes on a patient-centric approach and asks the question, “Why is the patient ill?” and then treats it accordingly.

        Functional Medicine Treatments in New Tampa, FL

        Holistic Nutrition

        Start making meaningful changes to your lifestyle and achieve a healthier state of being with a carefully crafted holistic nutrition program with ZenLife MD.

          Holistic Nutrition Treatments in New Tampa, FL

          Medical Weight Loss

          The best way to lose weight is through a healthy weight loss program designed for your own body’s needs and conditions. At ZenLife MD, we’re here to help patients dealing with obesity to take the first step towards a healthier version of themselves through our medical weight loss program and obesity medicine.

            Medical Weight Loss Treatments in New Tampa, FL

            Our Beauty and Body Services in New Tampa, FL

            ZenLife MD offers patients the most effective and popular treatments on the market today. We provide a level of care and treatment unmatched in our area, with the latest techniques and technologies to ensure you experience the best versions of these treatments.

            Dermal Fillers

            At ZenLifeMD, health and beauty go hand in hand with every treatment we administer. We strongly believe in taking a proactive approach to improve your quality of life, encouraging holistic improvements that take your wellness into consideration. Whether it's a medical or cosmetic concern, we make sure you are taken care of.

            Dermal Fillers in New Tampa, FL

            IV Therapy

            ZenLife MD strongly believes that everyone should be able to feel their best by being proactive about their health and wellness. Being healthy should be more than just keeping up with doctor’s appointments and taking your medication – it should be a lifestyle we all aspire to have.

              IV Therapy in New Tampa, FL

              Laser Treatments

              Laser treatments are nothing new to the cosmetic world. Almost every clinic across the country is bound to offer some form of laser treatment to their clients.

              Laser Treatments in New Tampa, FL

              PDO Threads

              Sagging skin is one of the many signs of aging that bothers many patients. Having loose skin on your face makes wrinkles and fine lines more pronounced, but you don’t have to live with these signs of aging any longer thanks to PDO threads.

                PDO Threads in New Tampa, FL

                PRP Hair Restoration

                It’s normal to notice a few strands of hair falling every day. But if you notice the hair thinning in the scalp and see hundreds of hairs falling in a day, then you might be suffering from male or female pattern baldness.

                  PRP Hair Restoration in New Tampa, FL


                  Restylane filler injections are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures that we offer at ZenLife MD. It’s a safe injectable that can provide amazing enhancements in any area of the face including the cheeks, lips, chin, jawline, and tear troughs.

                    Restylane in New Tampa, FL

                    Sculptra Treatments

                    With the rise of many cosmetic enhancements specifically made to help achieve a perfectly-shaped butt, the Sculptra butt lift is the ideal treatment for patients wanting to enhance their figure. To get the best results, you need to partner with the best cosmetic estheticians in your area.

                      Sculptra Treatments in New Tampa, FL

                      Sexual Rejuvenation

                      Talking about your sexual health shouldn’t be a big taboo, especially since it’s an important part of your overall well-being. Here at ZenLife MD, we care for your sexual wellness and we can provide customized solutions to improve your pleasure and satisfaction during intimate activities.

                        Sexual Rejuvenation in New Tampa, FL

                        Skin Rejuvenation

                        The best way to achieve beautiful skin is when you keep it healthy from the inside out. At ZenLife MD, we pamper your skin with treatments to nourish, rejuvenate, and keep it looking its best.

                        Skin Rejuvenation in New Tampa, FL