Direct Primary Care/Concierge Medicine


Direct Primary Care is Healthcare Simplified. With the Direct Primary Care model, we are able to work with you and your budget instead of fighting with the insurance companies. Your needs come first and we are able to give you the attention and care you deserve

At ZenLife MD in Tampa patients are able to see our doctor as many times as needed, with no copay. Allowing patients unlimited access to their doctor ensures that they get the care they need with no anxiety of outside elements getting in the way

Each visit offers enough time to address each and every health and wellness concern, giving patients and the doctor the ability to work together to create a holistic approach to your wellness goals.

"traditional care" compared to a direct primary care model is simple to understand

We offer comprehensive plans for all age groups. When it comes to your health, forget about the hassle of insurance and the unknown. Our monthly plans offer a complete coverage of all your medical needs. Pay the year in advance for discounted pricing. 

With our monthly plans you can pick and choose the medical care that is right for you at a price that fits your budget. No more surprises and no more worrying about getting the care you need when something unexpected happens.

Why Direct Primary Care?

  • Direct access
  • Same day and next day visits
  • Wait times less than 5 minutes
  • Virtual visits available
  • Unlimited monthly visits
  • 30 to 60 minute appointments
  • More time with your doctor
  • Limited number of patients
  • Emphasis on preventative medicine
  • Focus on your personal healthcare
  • No Surprise Fees
  • No copays
  • No limit to the number of visits
  • Wholesale lab & imaging
  • Generic medications available includes complementary B12 and IV hydration